What goes into a traditional Chinese wedding?

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Have you ever thought about what goes into a traditional Chinese wedding? A traditional Chinese wedding is an elaborate event that includes many symbolic traditions. Weddings has always been viewed as auspicious and happy events by the Chinese, which is one of the reasons why there are so many elaborate and symbolic traditions in a traditional Chinese wedding.

There are many important traditions in a traditional Chinese wedding, but some hold more significance than the rest, so let’s learn more about some of the most important traditions in a traditional Chinese wedding.

Chinese Betrothal Ceremony

One important tradition in a Chinese wedding is the Chinese Betrothal Ceremony, which acts as a formal proposal to the bride’s family by groom. It serves as a symbol of the groom’s sincerity towards marrying the bride. This ceremony also serves as a symbol of the groom’s assurance to the bride’s family that she will be well taken care of after marriage.

In this elaborate and significant ceremony, many items are needed. Some items, such as the jewellery for the bride and the groom, must be given. Dowries must also be given by both families. When such expensive items are needed in the ceremony, the wedding costs will increase, leading the couple to be stressed out about the impact their marriage will have on their finances.

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Tea Ceremony

Another important aspect in a Chinese wedding is the widely recognised tea ceremony.  The ceremony is said to be a counterpart to Western solemnization, and will provide a chance for the bride and groom to meet their spouse’s family. In this ceremony, tea is offered by both the groom and the bride to their respective parents first, and then to the other elders present in the ceremony.

Sweet tea which is brewed from red dates will be used in the ceremony. The sweet tea used carries a huge significance, as it symbolises a harmonious relationship between the newly-weds and both families. Longan or lotus seeds can also be added into the tea as these ingredients have auspicious meaning attached to them.

In this ceremony, there are many rules to abide to when serving tea. One of the rules is that the couple must address family members by their formal title when serving them tea. Another rule is that male elders will have to be served first. Tea cups are also to be served and received with both hands.

Wedding Banquet

Lastly, one of the most recognisable aspect of a traditional Chinese wedding is the wedding banquet held by the couple. It is a grand affair that is usually held in a hotel ball room or a restaurant. The banquet usually consist of a meal that has 8 to 9 courses, with each course having different significances. Emcees are also a part of the banquet, who will help to ensure that the banquet runs smoothly and on schedule.

Banquets usually have the reputation of being very expensive affairs. Due to the cost of the banquets, the couple may feel stressed out because of its huge price tag. To ease their financial worries, they could take out a loan. Soon Seng offer solutions that could help to alleviate the financial burden of having a costly banquet, with loans such as a wedding loan or a low interest personal loan being available.

Remember to enjoy your wedding and not stress about the financial costs

Weddings should be a happy occasion that signifies a milestone in a couple’s bond and love for each other, so if you are getting engaged with your significant other, you should not worry too much about the wedding’s expenses. There are many solutions that can help to alleviate some of its financial burden, one of which is to take out a personal loan or a wedding loan

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