Licensed Moneylender in Singapore

Are you currently facing some financial difficulties? Difficulties paying off bills with them piling up and due dates fast approaching? Having an emergency and need some financial assistance? Or do you just need a small sum to bridge some gaps to make ends meet for the month. Soon Seng Credit Pte. Ltd. offers fast cash loans to help you bridge the gaps financially, to tide you over until your next paycheck.

Soon Seng Credit Pte. Ltd. is the financial solution to all your financial difficulties. At Soon Seng Credit Pte. Ltd., we provide all kinds of loan solutions such as personal loans, business loans, cash advance, fast cash loans, payday loans, all personalized to your needs. Taking a loan with Soon Seng Credit Pte. Ltd. is simple. Our dedicated loan officers will attend to you as soon as you step into the office. You will be required to fill up a couple of forms and provide some identification / documents, our loan officers will then conduct an interview with you to understand more of your financial situation. Borrower will receive cash as soon as the loan application is approved. It is fast, easy and secure. The following are the required identification / documents you need to bring to apply for a loan.

Please bring these documents with you to the office;
Singaporean / PR

  • IC
  • Singpass

Business Owners
Please call our office to clarify.

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