Many Moneylenders will tell you that they offer the best loans with the best interest and have the best repayment package. But are they really the best? What would you consider to be the best? Because at Soon Seng Credit, we regard honesty as the best policy, and we would like to think that we have been and will be, honoring and applying that policy in our daily operations. 

Here at Soon Seng Credit Pte Ltd, “The Best” means that we have your best interest at heart. We could spend all day telling you that we offer the best interest and the best repayment scheme, but we won’t. 

At Soon Seng Credit, we’re not trying to lure you in with empty promises just to score a one-time business with you and risk losing your trust. We make sure that we’re fully transparent with our loans and our promises because we care about our clients and our business. Everything is personal with us.

We’re in the big leagues, but we play only for the trust and loyalty of our clients. Without our client’s confidence in us, we are nothing. At Soon Seng Credit Pte Ltd, we operate under a strict code of conduct when it comes to our loans. Our loan officers work tirelessly to tailoring your loans to your needs. 

Tell us your problems and we will help you solve it. Trust us when we say that we will find you an affordable loan that doesn’t break your bank or your heart when it comes to your repayments. Our loan officers are problem solvers and we’re here to help you ease your financial burdens so that you can direct that extra focus onto greater opportunities. 



We believe that it is our social responsibility to be truthful in our terms. We’re not in this line of business to extort vulnerable people; we’re in this line of work, to help vulnerable people be stronger than they know.  We at Soon Seng Credit, would never abuse our power to extort our clients with hidden fees and charges. Everything should and will be explained to you before and after your loan application, as well as printed in black and white on your loan contract. 

We care about our clients to operate as ethically as we know, starting with our transparency with all our clients. Moneylending is not all about giving money, it is about giving money that can be sustained by our clients themselves. It takes a loan officer who cares enough about his client, to produce a loan that is tailored to suit each individual client.  What can we say; we love our job enough to care so much for our clients. 



Located conveniently near Chinatown MRT station – a mere 5 minutes’ walk from Chinatown MRT Exit C – Soon Seng Credit is at 1 Park Road,People’s Park Complex (Chinatown) #01-21.
You can also reach us at soonsengmlsg@gmail.com or 6226 8860.
Soon Seng Credit is open Mon to Sat: 11am to 8pm
Sun: 10.30 to 5pm, closed on Public Holidays.