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How To Enjoy Your Dream Wedding Without Breaking The Bank

Young wedding couple having their dream wedding on a budget

Most people think that weddings are one of the most important events of their lives. Not surprisingly, many couples would even choose to take a wedding loan in Singapore just to fund that memorable day.

But what if there are ways to have the perfect wedding without spending a fortune? If you’re planning for your dream wedding, read on because we have some important tips that will help you save big without looking frugal.

1. Set a Realistic Budget

A typical wedding in Singapore could cost around S$30,000 to S$50,000 and even more for more extravagant ones. This is why it is not uncommon to find couples approaching a loan company in Singapore for extra funds just to tie through this significant event.

One of the best ways to host a wedding on a budget is to create a budget in the first place. List down all the items you’ll require in your wedding, in the order of priority, then allocate a realistic budget to all of them. With this list, you can easily figure out the real cost of your wedding and give you a guideline when making buying decisions. Additionally, you can also easily eliminate those items at the bottom of the list so that you won’t bust your budget.

2. Research Affordable Wedding Packages

Big-ticket items that have the most impact on wedding expenses usually go to the wedding banquet, bridal package, and honeymoon. This means, if you can find affordable alternatives to these items, you can cut down your overall wedding cost quite significantly.

For example, you can choose to rent your wedding outfits as opposed to buying or custom-making them. Considering the cost of a bespoke dress starts from S$1,200 while a rented one starts from S$628, you can save much if you choose the latter option. For wedding photos, instead of sticking to the standard bridal photoshoot, why not hire a professional freelancer at a lesser fee? You’ll even get to keep all the digital shots without paying an exorbitant fee.

3. Explore Less Common Wedding Venues

Generally, wedding reception at luxury hotels in Singapore can cost anywhere from over S$30,000 to S$100,000 for 100 guests. If you can reduce that cost, surely you won’t need a wedding loan in Singapore to host your wedding event here.

Sometimes, the solution can be as simple as exploring less common venues. It can be the restaurant that you and your bae first met or a cosy café tucked away in the suburbs. Such one-of-a-kind celebrations can be both memorable and enjoyable, but at a fraction of the cost.

4. Opt for a More Affordable Date or Time

While most couples like to host their weddings on a weekend, it is not just costly but also extremely difficult to book wedding vendors on those days. A good alternative is to plan a midweek wedding on Thursday that helps you avoid weekend prices and gives your guests a reason to apply for a day off on the following day so they can enjoy a long weekend.

Afraid that your guests won’t show up because it’s a work day? Frankly, your closest friends and family members will want to be present no matter which day you opt to host your wedding. Keeping your guest list small and intimate will easily eliminate such worries.

5. Plan a Flexible Honeymoon

A honeymoon is a perfect opportunity for exhausted newlyweds to relax and enjoy their alone time. Typically, couples will take a two-week vacation somewhere exotic and spend between S$5,000 to S$8,000. That is a lot of money considering you’ve just spent tens of thousands on your wedding reception!

Of course, you can easily fund this trip with a personal loan from a licensed money lender in Singapore but there are better alternatives such as choosing a local staycation, a destination with weaker currencies, or travelling during off-peak seasons. These options can help you save but are just as much fun.


Hold on tight to these tips when planning your celebration and you’ll enjoy a dream wedding even when you don’t have a big budget. Alternatively, if you need a quick loan from a moneylender in Singapore to make your wedding day even more memorable, visit Soon Seng Credit or contact us for a private discussion now.

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