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young female licensed moneylender explaining important documents required for urgent loan approval to two men

What information do you need to provide for an urgent loan in Singapore?

Some unforeseen circumstances such as a major medical bill, an unexpected car or home repair may require you to pay cash up front. While ‘rainy day funds’ are best to cover these costs, some Singaporeans may not be fortunate to have the extra cash on hand – or even enough to cover the emergency. This is where some may turn to urgent loans in Singapore.

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a doctor protects a family with best medical loan from top moneylenders in singapore

What you need to know before taking a medical loan

Life can be unpredictable at times and we may find ourselves or our loved ones in an emergency medical situation. It is no secret that medical bills in Singapore can burn a hole in your pocket and because of that, insurance schemes like MediSave and personal plans are very important to have. However, for hefty bills, your MediSave balance may not be enough to sustain you. If you find yourself needing treatment or surgery that your insurance plans do not cover, searching for a large sum of cash can be daunting. In such cases, medical loans can be an option for those who are in need of urgent funds.

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an individual managing his monthly income and setting his financial goals
Personal Finance

How to manage your monthly income and set financial goals

Do you feel like no matter what you do, you’re not making progress financially? Looking forward to making a financial fresh start? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we’ve got you! This article is for anyone who aims to adopt a positive overriding mindset towards money. Keep reading to learn how to budget for your income, save towards your goals, manage your money loans, and obtain a low interest loan to start a successful business.

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licensed moneylenders providing with bridging loans in singapore

The Green Economy – Bankable or an Illusion?

From films to documentaries, newspapers to books, and virtually every other form of information, we are constantly bombarded with the ‘green’ message. This saturated coverage has grown in pace with the ‘green economy’ of products and services claiming to be good for the environment. Should you take a loan from a moneylender in Singapore to be a part of it?

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